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Trout Town™ American Amber Ale
It was important to us to create a beer that was well balanced and easy-drinking. John Carr achieved this with Trout Town American Amber Ale. True to its name, TTAAA has a beautiful amber color and produces a near-perfect head when pouring. The blend has a very light citrus finish, with balanced malt and hops. By no means is it extreme in anyway. It has a nice light finish and is a great product to enjoy all night long or while relaxing after spending the day in the great outdoors! This style of beer would have been typically brewed in New York State during the early 1900s.
     > ABV: 5.0% | IBU: 14.3 | SRM: 6.

Stop by our store to get a growler fill of our newest brews and limited-release beers. Find out what's on tap with our New Brew Alerts, just text BEER to 313131 to sign up.

Trout Town™ Rainbow Red Ale
This India Red Ale pours a deep amber color, with nice floral and citrus hop aroma. The initial flavor starts with a burst of rich malts that carries into a smooth, but apparent, hop bitterness.
     > ABV: 7.5%

Trout Town™ Brown Ale
Our Trout Town Brown Ale is a robust brown ale with rich chocolate and pronounced coffee flavors that pull through in the very end. This beer is dark in color but light in body, coming in at 5.5% ABV, with just enough bitterness to balance out the beer.
     > ABV: 5.5% | IBU: 35.5 | SRM: 22.6

At The Roscoe NY Beer Co., we're committed to offering the finest possible products using all-natural ingredients. We stay true to American beer-making traditions and celebrate our Trout Town Pride. Check back often as we continue to grow our line-up of beers.

Trout Town American Amber Ale

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